About FMM (From Metabolite to Metabolite)
Synthetic biology is a multidisciplinary and rapidly growing field. Improving understanding of biological systems through mimicry and producing bio-orthogonal systems with new functions are two complementary goals in this field. Therefore, a web server named FMM (From Metabolite to Metabolite) was developed for this purpose. FMM can reconstruct metabolic pathways form one metabolite to another metabolite among different species majorly based on KEGG database and other integrated biological databases. Novel presentation for connecting different KEGG maps is provided. Both local and global graphical views of the metabolic pathways were designed.
       FMM has many applications in Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering. For example, reconstructing metabolic pathways for producing some valuable metabolites or secondary metabolites in bacteria or yeast is a promising strategy for drug production. FMM provides a very convenient way to elucidate which genes from which species should be cloned into those microorganisms based on FMM pathway comparative analysis, as given in Fig. 1. Consequently, FMM is an effective tool for drug production and biofuel production. This novel and creative resource is now freely available at

Figure 1

The system flow of FMM is displayed in the Figure 2.

Figure 2

  Update Data or Web Function
Revision the search functions about pyruvate metabolite.

The FMM Web site is starting up! We used the data about KEGG/LIGAND and KEGG/PATHWAY database Release 48.0, update on Oct 1, 2008 and UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Release 14.0.

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Institute of Bioinformatics National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

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