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  FMM (From Metabolite to Metabolite)
FMM (From Metabolite to Metabolite) is a critical tool for synthetic biology. FMM can reconstruct metabolic pathways form one metabolite to the other one. The different KEGG maps can be connected by our system. Both local and global graphical views of the metabolic pathways were designed. Furthermore, metabolic pathways can be comparative between several species by FMM (Comparative Analysis). In addition, post-translational modification (PTM) information of enzymes from numerous species is also supplied in FMM.

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C.H. Chou, W.C. Chang, C.M. Chiu, C.C. Huang, and H.D. Huang (2009) "FMM: a web server for metabolic pathway reconstruction and comparative analysis", Nucleic Acids Research, Vol. 37, W129-34 [PubMed]

Example 1L-Phenylalanine (C00079) >>> Resveratrol (C03582) (Stilbene Synthase Pathway)
Example 2Erythrose 4-phosphate (C00279) >>> L-Phenylalanine (C00079) (Shikimate Pathway)
Example 3Glucose (C00267) >>> Pyruvate (C00022) (Glycolysis Pathway)

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